What Can OGC Do for a Manufacturing Company?

manufacturing company

Outside General Counsel prides itself on its breadth of knowledge, allowing us to support any number of industries, from retail, construction, transportation, electronics, hospitality, healthcare, government contractors, non-profits, real estate, cannabis, manufacturing, among others. How, specifically, can OGC help a manufacturing company?

As illustrated in our previous blog post, the manufacturing industry is a legal quagmire. This is especially true in today’s post-pandemic world. All the nuances and intricacies at the very core of the manufacturing industry require the knowledge, business acumen, and finesse of a seasoned attorney.  Likewise, such an attorney should have the forethought to consider the eventualities a company may face, as evidenced by Acme Sprocket’s supply chain misfortunes. This practitioner would ensure consistency across all a manufacturer’s contracts to limit liability and ensure paramount protection. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an attorney who could handle all of this, and oversee employment and regulatory issues? Who could manage corporate entity maintenance, handle M&A activity, and provide top-shelf business counseling? In short, who could provide an outsourced legal function?

Explore the Difference

This is the Outside General Counsel difference. We provide you with one senior attorney who becomes an ex-officio member of your executive leadership team. One seasoned attorney to handle everything, from start to finish. One who knows all the details, all the clauses, every parenthetical, because they wrote and negotiated them. One senior attorney to cover all the aspects of your manufacturing business. OGC’s services are also offered on a fixed-fee, month-to-month basis, permitting our clients to opt-out with ease if we can’t back up our value proposition.

Sound like a good solution for your manufacturing company and its legal function?

If so, contact us today for your in-depth consultation and see how Outside General Counsel can serve as your lawyer.

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